Aberdeen North Parish Church

Greenfern Road, Aberdeen, AB16 6TR

Easter Journey

We recently partnered with our local SU Regional Workers to deliver an interactive Easter event for local Primary 6 pupils. Children from Kingsford, Muirfield, Westpark and Heathryburn Primary Schools took part in an Easter Journey to discover the things that happened during the week of Jesus’ death. The week-long series of events were delivered together with our friends from Northfield United Free Church.

Through role-play, storytelling and listening pupils travelled through the palm-waving celebrations in Jerusalem of Palm Sunday and the clearing of market traders from the temple. They gathered around the table at the Last Supper with the disciples, listened in to what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane and witnessed Jesus’ cruel death on the cross on Good Friday. Children experienced for themselves some of the emotions felt by those who knew Jesus well. And of course, the children discovered that the story didn’t end at the cross, hearing a first-hand account of from the disciples of finding the tomb empty and Jesus appearing to them in the locked room.

This was the first time we had embarked on a project this size and  we were keen to seek the advice and support from local SU Regional Workers Cheri Young and Pamela Sloan.

Our minister, Rev Fiona Lister explained, “SU’s support was invaluable – we couldn’t have done it without their help and input. I first saw the Easter Journey programme being delivered at my home church in Kemnay and I was keen to bring it to Aberdeen North. Andy Ellison and I had already worked together delivering a Faith and Conflict project at the local high school, and we wanted to build on that relationship. And together we recognised that the Easter Journey programme would be a great opportunity to engage and involve the members of our congregations in supporting the local schools.”

Rev Andy Ellison, minister at Northfield United Free Church shared a similar sentiment, “It was great to work together as churches in the area to share the Easter story in an engaging and interactive way with local school children. It was especially encouraging to have school pupils come along to the church as we had previously held events in the school but the school coming along was a first.”

He explained, “For many of our volunteers, this was their first engagement with our local schools, and it was uplifting to see them interact with pupils, teachers and parent helpers and to feedback that they would be willing to help again in future. We look forward to continuing to work together as churches in serving our local schools.”

Fiona added, “Across both churches there is so much heart for supporting and reaching out to all age groups in our community. Our aim was not only to educate the children in our faith but more importantly to help them to view the church (and the people in it) as a safe and secure place to be.”

At the end of the week, we had a community event in the form of a games night, and it was great to see some of the children return to the church with their parents to participate. We hope to repeat this event next Easter as well as offering the option of a Christmas activity for younger children to participate in.”