Aberdeen North Parish Church

Greenfern Road, Aberdeen, AB16 6TR

Snack and Chat

It has been more than a year since Chat’N’Snack came into being as a “warm place” that people could meet friends old and new in warm surroundings. It seemed that all of us had forgotten how to meet our friend as it was still so difficult to find places indoors and warm to provide a tea or coffee. After much discussion within Aberdeen North Church, it was decided that we had the perfect facility to open up for use by the community, to encourage people to come out of their houses and meet up again. With a well, equipped, kitchen we got volunteers to provide tea, coffee, pancakes, scones for morning and soup and pudding for a simple lunch. We opened on a Wednesday as that was the day that was best for all concerned.

Here we are a year down the line a very happy noisy group of friends who meet on a Wednesday to enjoy the food and company. We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Valentines Day, Patron Saints Days and a Coronation into the bargain. We have had pizza, bacon rolls, sausages, fish and chips and a great deal of soup and loads of puddings that have included apples from a local tree.

When we were setting up Chat’N’Snack we made a deliberate decision not to set any charges for food etc but to allow people to make a donation, if they wished. This venture was not for making money but to provide a meeting place that was warm and safe. I have to say that people have been very generous and we have been able to provide all the food that is consumed on a Wednesday and make a very generous donation of almost £1,500 to the church to help with the heating costs.

Our thanks to you all for attending each week, it is a joy to see people having so much fun just talking to each other.